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Integra™ EPS -Outboard electronic power steering system

Integra™ EPS -Outboard electronic power steering system ELECTRONIC STEERING SYSTEM

Integra™ EPS -Outboard electronic power steering system


• Redundant electronic steering system. integra eps is the reliable way to reduce steering effort on your vessel

• Designed for any application with single, dual, triple or quad outboard engines.

• Available for multiple steering stations applications

• NTEGRA EPS can handle up to 4 engines with a single electronic pump

• The pump includes the electronic board that manages a powerful brushless motor; the combination of the two gives a very high output; great efficiency and the quickest response in any situation.

• The pump includes the Automatic Power Selector that combines the power from 2 batteries to ensure always the optimal voltage

• Heavy duty steering cylinder with embedded CAN bus position sensor

• Low amperage draw- less than 1A at idle (no steering)

• Direct interface with Garmin® autopilot and display

• Veratron VDO® color display

• Two indipendent NMEA 2000connections to interface with multiple devices 

• Simplified configuration with no hydraulic hoses and oil under the dash

• Easy to upgrade to INTEGRA JS (joystick) system 

• INTEGRA EPS is perfectly quiet; it does not heat up, has a low amperage draw and can be fully integrated with autopilots 

• The integra eps system is in conformity with the following normatives:

ISO 25197, ISO 10592, ABYC P21, P24, P27

• Ignition protected saej 1171



UIH - Tilt mount electronic helm 

X52 - Adjustable steering wheel tilt mechanism

UID - Veratron VDO® color display

BCM (Body Control Module) - CAN bus network Module

UIP - Electro-hydraulic power unit

UC120E - Heavy-duty cylinder with integrated sensor

UC120P-OBF - Heavy-duty cylinder for twin, triple or quad outboard engines

Tie bar - Please refer to INTEGRA EPS tie bars section

KIT OB-SVS - Hydraulic hoses with preassembled fittings

CAN bus cables - CAN bus power cables

KBD3 - Purging kit: twin spiralled hose with connectors (optional)

OL460 - 3x hydraulic oil bottles



Operating voltage 10,8 V - 14,4 V
Max current draw 60 A
Temperature range -25°C / +77°C
Nominal voltage 12 VDC
Max flow

4,8 l/min @ 60 bar (cw ans ccw)

2.14 gal/min @ 870 PSI (cw and ccw)

Relief valve 120 bar - 1740 PSI